Straight Up Eco is a woman-owned company committed to offering 100% natural body care products that are safe and waste-free. With over 30 years in the beauty industry and 15 years formulating and manufacturing natural and organic body care products, our founder felt like enough was enough with all the plastic.


Besides having huge passion for creating incredible body care products our founder is also a single mother of two amazing, service and eco-minded children, a vegan, a yoga and meditation teacher, an environmentalist, an organic gardener, a foodie, a huge animal lover, a surfer, a hiker, a paddler, an explorer, and an admitted beach bum who's very concerned about the vast accumulation of waste we have floating around in our oceans. She thought she could do better with her intention to bring incredible natural body care products to market by eliminating 100% of the waste involved.  That's a whole lot of plastic we aren't seeing every day and we really like it!


All of our products are vegan and never tested on animals, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, non-nano, reef safe, biodegradable, compostable, and totally awesome! All of our products are made in tiny batches in beautiful Portland Oregon. We epically hand-craft sunscreens, shampoo, and body wash bars, conditioner bars, skincare bars, lotion bars, deodorants, lip balms, salves that help with pain, irritation and bug bites. We even make a Bug Off bar that naturally helps to keep the pests away while you're at play. 


What you get is straight-up great products filled with the most beneficial ingredients to the hair and skin minus the plastic, packaging, and waste.  The only packaging we use is made from recycled, biodegradable, compostable paper or none at all. We use our own glue since the labeling market still uses glues that are not biodegradable.  All the way down to the cornstarch peanuts used for shipping we are thinking about how we can leave less of a footprint.


Straight Up Eco products weigh less and take up less space, are travel-ready and will lessen your carbon footprint and save you money. We think this is a far better way to go. Walking lightly on the Earth and not leaving behind heaps of waste that eventually make their way to our oceans and streams will definitely widen your smile.  


How you spend matters and YOU can change the future of our planet by going package free.  Look for packaging that can easily break down and help replenish the earth instead of depleting it.


We did this for the adventures, the game changers, and the free thinkers, those who don't sit around and complain about problems but instead do something about it.  We can't wait for change or it will be too late.  


Our oceans are threatened with plastic and trash now but if we work together and lead the way by demanding a better way to consume that doesn't pollute we can collectively shift everything, not only for our own communities but for the world at large. 


 Go Straight Up ECO and be the change! 




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