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The Beard Balm is an all natural balm that will keep your beard perfectly styled and conditioned.  No beard is too unruly for the Beard Balm and it can also tame your tresses on your head for a double win! The Beard Balm by Straight Up Eco was carefully formulated to enhance beard growth, reduce patchy spots, impart incredible shine, increase hair strength and deeply conditions the skin and hair eliminating flaking skin. The beard of your dreams is in your reach with the regular use of Straight Up Eco Beard Balm!


  • candelilla wax, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, castor oil, argan oil, essesntial oils of: cedar wood, clary sage, bay, bergamot, & lemon.

  • Apply a small amount at a time to tame your beard, can also be used to tame frizzy or curly hair.

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