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Peppermint & eucalyptus rock your locks and entice your senses with this shampoo bar that is straight up good. Filled with the cleanest, simple plant derived ingredients you can pronounce and probably are already familiar with to give you peace of mind and the environment a break. For some it takes a little while to adjust to a shampoo bar verses the traditional type in plastic bottles, but in a very short time you will forget you ever relyed on those pesky plastic bottles.  You save yourself loads of money by switching to bars over bottles, can travel light, and will be adding way less to your recycling bin because these Straight Up Eco shampoo bars are epically wrapped in bio paper that easily breaks down in your compost bin.   These bodacious bars lasts so darn long and are huge multi taskers working equally as well to cleanse your body and face. You will be restocking your supply way less and seeing a lot less clutter. Best of all you won't be adding to the already enourmous impact that plastic waste is having to our environment. So go ahead and be a game changer and ditch the bottle for the bar. Hand made in small batches with 100% natural ingredients.  

Vegan/ Gluten Free/ Soy Free/ Cruelty Free/ SLS Free/ Non-GMO *Straight Up Eco products are available without essential oils for those with sensitivities. If you would like a fragrance free option please indicate a "Custom Formulation FF" in the comments section at checkout. Allow 3 extra days for processing custom orders. There is no additional fee and no minimum order *


  • Ingredients:

    Olive Oil (grade A extra virgin), unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, safflower oil, argan oil, castor oil, kaolin clay, purified water, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, vegetable glycerine, oat protein, spirulina, essential oils of peppermint & eucalyptus.



    Wet hair. Glide the bar over the top of your head from front to back and under your hair from the hairline to the top of the head. Gently massage and rinse.  Follow with ECO Conditioner Bar if needed.




  • Shipping
    All products are shipped via FEDEX ground or USPS.  
    Free shipping applies to all U.S. destinations.

    We accept returns on new, unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase for an exchange, store credit or full refund. If you have a return, please contact customer service at



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