Straight UP Eco makes rad, vegan bodycare products in tiny batches with 100% natural ingredients. All of our products are free from waste that can potentially harm the planet and threaten the sea life of our oceans. We encourage composting over recycling and the pursuit of creating as little waste as possible as you walk, dance, climb, skate, roll, paddle, sail, hop, peddle, hike, ride, run, surf, or swim across this Earth. However you move Straight Up Eco has you covered! We want you to travel light and leave all your epic adventure spots as you found them. By reducing waste drastically we can assure future generations adventures in paradise exploring beautiful ocean reefs without swimming through trash and plastic. Previously pristine beaches have already been destroyed and the sea life has been greatly impacted by thoughtless mass consumption, but it's not too late to change and rethink the way we consume! So go ahead and lead the way, be a game changer, and go Straight Up Eco today! We've got you covered for all your adventures with sunblocks, shampoos, conditioners, body & face washes, lotions, lip balm, and deodorants. As well as salves for pain, fatigue & irritation, and a bug balm and lotion bar to naturally detour pests. Whether you're deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, hiking the Columbia Gorge, or sipping an ice-cold beverage in your own backyard on a hot Summer's eve, Straight Up Eco's got your back! Wherever the road takes you we hope you remember to travel light but always remember your smile.